My name is Einat Dekel

I photograph the work of architects and interior decorators by means of stills that transmit a real-life look and feel.

This is so my customers can stand out and be perceived as leaders in their field.


Why me?

To me, a picture is like a movie.

I am focused on provoking the same feelings with a single picture that can be provoked through movement and sound.


This is also how I approach a location that will be photographed. The inanimate objects are the main characters. Each one gets personal attention so it can play its proper role within the story.


A good picture in my eyes tells its story well, including the dialogue and sentiments.

My goal is a satisfied customer who feels I have communicated exactly what he wanted to say without words, just through pictures.


You are welcome to look around on this site to get a proper impression of my work.

And of course feel free to contact me.